CPH psychologists are deployed to VWOs running Day Activity Centres (DACs) and/or Adult Disability Homes (ADHs) to provide a range of services such as the assessment of clients for behavioural and mental health issues, behavioural support for disabled adults with challenging behaviours, working together and coaching other workers and therapists and supporting the VWO in building a stronger quality-of-life and engagement programmes for the clients.

DACs provide activities and services to equip adults with disabilities with skills to maximise their independence. These include necessary skills for a transition to workshop employment. The activities at DACs promote the development of cognitive, social, communication, language, and motor skills. The centres also provide physiotherapy and occupational therapy. DACs cater to persons between 16 and 55 years old who are unable to take up open employment or attend sheltered workshops. DACs also provide a form of respite for caregivers during working hours.

ADHs provide long-term residential care for adults with disabilities who are neglected or whose caregivers are incapable of giving care. Short-term respite care can also be provided for adults with disabilities whose caregivers are temporarily unable to provide care for them. These homes aim to maximise the abilities of adults with disabilities through a host of recreational and training activities as well as the required therapies.

For more information on DACs: https://www.sgenable.sg/pages/content.aspx?path=/for-adults/day-activity-centres/

For more information on ADHs: https://www.sgenable.sg/pages/content.aspx?path=/for-adults/homes-for-adults-with-disabilities/