We believe in building a community where psychologists in the social service sector can come together to exchange ideas, support and learn from each other.

As such, we are proud to present the CPH Practitioner Series – a series of practitioner-oriented workshops aimed at equipping psychologists in the social services sector with applied skills.

  • 21 June 2019, Friday (9:30am to 12:30pm) – Family Violence by Ms Stacey Soh, MSF
  • August 2019, (date and time to be confirmed) – Behavioural Assessment and Management by Dr. Chelsea Chew, CPH
  • 4 October 2019, Friday – Clinical Research and Evaluation by Dr. Wong Shyh Shin, CPH
  • 15 November 2019, Friday – Case Formulation by Dr. Noradlin Yusof, CPH
  • 21 February 2020, Friday – Intervention Strategies for Classroom by Dr. Gloria Law, CPH

If you are interested to be on the mailing list for the CPH Practitioner Series, please drop us an email at learn@cph.sg or cphpractitionerseries@gmail.com.

*We regret that spaces are limited and priority will be given to our current VWO partners. A confirmation email will be sent to you if your registration for a seat is successful.