We are looking for dynamic psychologists who are passionate about making a meaningful impact to our clients and their families’ lives in the community. We are interested in meeting Educational, Clinical, Developmental and Research Psychologists at the Master and PhD levels. Drop us an email at contactus@cph.sg to connect with us.

Senior / Principal Psychologist – Psychological Services


You will provide leadership and guidance for the development and implementation of innovative and quality psychological services to vulnerable clients and families in the social services in Singapore. This could include psychological services for vulnerable adults (e.g., elderly, disabled, neglected) who may be experiencing mental illness and distress, and may need support and/or protection, and ongoing intervention to help them to cope.  This role would also include assessments which support decision making for child custody proceedings, deputyship for disabled clients, and other areas of work as required, and as the service evolves.

This is a relatively new service area for psychologists in the social service sector. The incumbent is expected to provide strong leadership and nurturance for the psychologists under his / her care.

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Providing thought leadership in the development of evidence-informed models of care and assessment for vulnerable populations and their families in Singapore
  • Managing the overall delivery of psychological services provided by the CPH team and partners, including direct work with clients and families, as needed, to drive best practice.
  • Building up the professional capabilities of CPH psychologists and the VWO staff we partner with. This includes providing quality supervision, developing a professional development model and conducting sector level training


The applicant should have:

  • A minimum of Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from an accredited university, with a practicum component
  • Eligibility for Singapore Psychological Society (SPS) and Singapore Register of Psychologists (SRP) registration
  • Preferably at least 8-12 years’ experience as a psychologist in either a VWO or healthcare setting. Those with experience working with clients with in the social service sector, in a more multi-disciplinary approach, will be strongly considered
  • Preference may be given to those whom have experience leading a team of professionals
  • Experience and interest in working with a variety of work areas, including 1-1 clinical work, collaboration and intervention with the family to support the client, translating psychological expertise to level which can be used by stakeholders, including family members and other professionals with their organisation
  • Experience working at the organisational/systemic level to improve the processes/programs within their clinical setting, and demonstrating impactful outcomes for clients
  • Strong clinical skills, with practical orientation
  • Strong comfort level in working with clients within the community setting
  • Fluency in local languages (will be advantageous)

 If you are keen to explore a career at the Community Psychology Hub, please send your latest CV, along with your educational certificates and transcripts to Wong.CheeHuey@cph.sg.

Community Research Psychologist

We are looking for energetic and creative individuals to join our Community Research Team (CRT), to support the development and piloting of new assessment and intervention approaches. As such there will be plenty of opportunities for implementing research activities in the community that support social services for people with disabilities or inform social policies and planning.


The successful applicant will work with different stakeholders, research partners, principal investigators, and research staff in developing, evaluating, implementing, interpreting, and communicating research policies, proposals, plans, and findings across multiple research projects and platforms. He or she plays a main role in the presentation of results and reports to clients, including the recommendations and ensuring that the results are communicated clearly via publications and presentations, as well as translate research findings into practice.

Specific Responsibilities include:

  • Strong passion in community and disability research
  • You will work with a team of PIs and researchers, under the direction of the Head of Research to conduct innovative and impactful research, implementation, and evaluation studies related to life span developmental disabilities, early intervention, caregiving, work supports and life transitions, etc.
  • Produce research findings that will influence policies and practices related to persons with disability (across the lifespan), and families with complex social, psychological, and support needs.
  • As a Principal Investigator (PI) and/or a Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI), you will conceptualise, manage, conduct, analyse, interpret, report, and communicate various research projects and findings.
  • Provide input and support to other team members’ research projects.
  • Influence, manage, monitor and ensure the integrity of any collaborative relationships with other research partners.
  • Present and publish research findings at important avenues together with other team members.
  • Teach, train, and supervise other researchers and psychologists.


The applicant should have

  • A PhD in Psychometrics, Quantitative, Qualitative, or Research Psychology with strong foundation in Statistics and Research Methodology is required.
  • Preferably has been a Co-PI in at least one research project apart from your Masters or Ph.D. dissertation.
  • Published in international referee journals and presented at conferences.
  • Both quantitative and qualitative research skills.
  • Relevant background in life-span developmental psychology of disabilities as well as family, education and clinical psychology.
  • Effective interpersonal skills, report writing and communication skills, and leadership cum team player qualities.
  • Expertise in advanced statistical methods (e.g. Structural Equation Modelling, Hierarchical Linear Modelling, and Multilevel Modelling, Rasch Analysis, Time-Series Analysis), scale construction and validation, program evaluation, and implementation science.
  • Experience in project, research, and team

If you are interested in applying for this challenging and exciting job, please send your CV with specifications corresponding to the requirements, a sample research publication along with your educational certificates and transcripts to Lim.PuayHong@cph.sg. Salary will commensurate with relevant qualifications and experience. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.